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Did you know Imaging Solutions has a full range of Healthcare IT Accessories?

by Luke Molnar

Advanced hardware and reliable accessories for today’s ever-changing and increasingly advanced healthcare technology environments.

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Reliable Dictation Microphones
Advanced microphone designs that include a free-floating, decoupled microphone, hygienic surfaces that physically hinders the colonization of germs, and corded or cordless options depending on your dictation needs, as well as a full range of optional accessories. Read more.

Washable Keyboards and Mice
Electronic components are sealed in a watertight housing safely tucked into these award-winning keyboard and mouse solutions. Read more.

Label Printers
Disinfectant-ready plastics and a sealed button interface make these label printers easy to clean and disinfect — crucial in hospitals and clinics. Read more.

Quality Barcode Scanners
Get a purpose-built healthcare scanner that fits your budget— without compromising on performance or features. Read more.