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Codonics Multi-media Imager & CD/DVD Publishing Tools

by Luke Molnar

Product offerings create an all-in-one solution. From film to color paper, grayscale paper, CD and DVD, the Codonics multi-media solution gives hospitals and imaging centers a way to provide professional patient consultation tools to their referring physicians. In a One competitive marketplace, these media choices offer distinct advantages. The ability to cater to the referring physicians preferences provides an opportunity to Solution grow the business. Facilities have a great marketing tool and a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. No longer limited to sending just film, substantial savings can be quickly achieved by selecting a more economi- cal alternative.

“Allowing referring physicians to select their preferred image formats and delivering the results quickly and efficiently has helped enhance existing relationships and built new business for our radiology department,” said John Litchney, MBA, RT, Administrator for The Cleveland Clinic, Department of Radiology.

A complete solution that fits on a countertop, the Horizon Multi-media Dry Imager and the Virtua Medical Disc Publisher provide referral copy solutions to ease the transition from film to non-film based imaging. Both products can stand alone, but together, Horizon and Virtua provide the most comprehensive image documentation solution available. Each device sits on the network, accepts DICOM images and seamlessly connects with most manufacturers equipment.

The compact Horizon Multi-media Dry Imager combines the ability to print diagnostic images onto several sizes of film, color paper and grayscale paper in any combination without operator intervention.

An all-in-one integrated design, the Virtua Medical Disc Publisher automatically records and labels patient studies onto CD and DVD media for a digital record that can be given to the patient, referring physician, or other institutions. Virtua offloads disc recording from the modality and PACS workstations so that patients can be processed without any interruption to the workflow. Medically intended and FDA approved, these multi-media alternatives not only help grow referral business but give imaging centers and hospitals a vehicle to showcase their imaging capabilities on any print medium. The solution offers several economical advantages with a total lower cost of ownership in digital or soft read environments. “Codonics has given me a competitive advantage and greatly increased revenues,” shares A. Joseph Borelli, M.D., MRI at Belfair. Using Codonics high resolution DirectVista Grayscale Paper as an alternative to film immediately saves up to 65%. Grayscale paper can be read in room light making it a convenient alternative for referral copies.

For CR/DR orthopaedic applications, Codonics offers the only dry imager that supports long film output in a digital application. The Horizon XL Multi-media Imager fits on a countertop and prints an immediate, continuous image through a completely dry process. Horizon XL prints 14″x36″ (36 cm x 91 cm) and 14″ x 51″ (36 cm x 130 cm) dry film perfect for scoliosis, long bone studies, and pediatric and adult spines. In additional to long film, the XL prints on standard sizes of film, color paper and grayscale paper.

Imaging Solutions are the authorised Australian and New Zealand distributor of Codonics Dry-Diagnostic Medical Imagers. Codonics are an interna- tional supplier and global leader in multi-media imagers, providing the most comprehensive, economical image documentation solutions available. Codonics products are widely used in all aspects of the medical industry. Ideal applications in medical imaging include PACS, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, CR/DR, Oncology, Cardiology, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine and PET, Orthopedics, Radiation Therapy, and Angiography.

For further information, contact Glenn Honey, Marketing Manager at Imaging Solutions.