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Barco brings out 24-inch wide-screen monitor for hospital imaging

by Luke Molnar

Barco launches the MDRC-2124, a new 24-inch widescreen display that perfectly complements the company’s existing 19- and 20-inch clinical displays. The new model responds to the growing demand for medically-certified display solutions.

“There’s a clear evolution towards wide-screen viewing formats,” explained Stephane Willaert, Market Director for Barco’s Clinical Displays. “The 1920×1200 widescreen resolution of the MDRC-2124 provides more screen space for images and applications, which enhances the workflow. With the new MDRC-2124 medical professionals will be able to visualize significantly more content on a single screen than they would with a traditional 4:3 display monitor.”

Similar to its sister models, the new Barco MDRC-2124 is equipped with professional medical-grade LCD technology which offers more contrast, better luminance and a wider viewing angle than off-the-shelf LCD screens. To ensure medical-grade image consistency over its full lifetime, the new MDRC-2124 comes as a DICOM Part-14 calibrated solution ‘out-of-the box’.

To facilitate installation and replacement of legacy monitors, the new MDRC-2124 is equipped with a variety of interfaces (VGA, DVI and DisplayPort), guaranteeing compatibility with all common workstation connectors and with the new DisplayPort standard. Moreover, the product reflects Barco’s strong commitment to building a greener future. The display automatically switches to ‘sleep mode’ when not being used. This results in markedly lower energy consumption and increased lifetime of the LCD backlights.

The new wide-screen MDRC-2124 display is bundled with the company’s on-line MediCal QAWeb software, a unique service that enables displays to be remotely managed through a single browser interface. This innovative feature provides administrators with one-click remote access to display settings, allowing them to deploy an image consistency policy across an entire hospital site. Because of this, physicians can be confident that all of their displays deliver consistent image quality over time and across screens. Another great plus of MediCal QAWeb is that it provides management with valuable display lifetime expectations and budgeting information.

Thanks to its excellent image quality, rich feature set and innovative central management, the Barco MDRC family has quickly found wide acceptance among healthcare professionals worldwide. The multi-purpose MDRCs have proven their worth in radiology, nuclear medicine, pathology, cardiology, pulmonology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, emergency rooms, intensive care, outpatient clinics and hospital wards. And thanks to their long-term image accuracy and high-standards of patient safety, the MDRC family is also an ideal solution for private or dental practices.

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