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The Kyoto Kagaku Dental Radiography Head Phantom. Removable jaws and tongue allow a variety of application for training and research. Features Separately modeled each tooth has a three-layer structure of enamel, dentin and pulp cavity Each hard tissue...

The Kyoto Kagaku Dental Radiography Head Phantom. Removable jaws and tongue allow a variety of application for training and research. Features Separately modeled each tooth has a three-layer structure of enamel, dentin and pulp cavity Each hard tissue...

Specify the manufacturer and type of the scanner. Optional Parts for PH-28 and 30.

For daily quality control in SPECT and PET imaging. Features A set of test units for daily QA of SPECT/PET Applications SPECT PET Evaluation Parameters Uniformity Spatial resolution Dose linearity ...

Volumetric measurement phantom for PET/SPECT. Features Five sphere containers with different sizes can be filled with RI solution Volume of sphere phantoms are: 0 mm/2 in (100%), 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% Applications ...

For the study of high radio accumulation interference in the liver with the myocardial SPECT images. Features Allows the study of RI liver intake and its effect on the myocardial SPECT Cold defect can be set in the left cardiac muscle Background...

Five kinds of thyroid volume containers for measurement purposes. Applications SPECT, PET Features 5 kinds of thyroid grand (40,30,21,17,15 cc) Synthetic cervical vertebrae as a scatteration Infusing...

Applications SPECT PET Evaluation Parameters Homogeneity evaluation Cross calibration Gamma ray absorption rate via skull Detectivity of gray matter and white matter Spatial resolution of negative images Radioactive...

Five kinds of thyroid with different capacities for uptaking rate measurement. Anthropomorphic thyroid phantom simulates the absorption and scatter characteristics of human neck area that surrounds thyroid For quality assurance of system for iodine uptake ratio...

This is a phantom by the Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies Standards. Applications SPECT CT Features Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies type phantom for measurement of thyroid radionuclide uptake Cavities for...

Applications SPECT CT Set Includes: 2 x bone scatterer cases 2 x adult male: equivalent HU750 2 x elderly female: equivalent HU530 1 x brain striatum phantom 1 x screwdriver 1 x velcro tape 1 x petroleum jelly 1 x...

Chest x-ray phantom consisting of the spine (C6 to L3), thorax and shoulder blades and collarbones embedded in soft materials. Mounted without metal parts. Organs (lungs, heart, kidneys) are included as outlines and create a shadow on the x-ray. The natural bones used may...

This world-first phantom offers first-class training and positioning technology in projection radiography and is actually part of every X-ray training facility. The phantom contains a natural human skeleton as well as the outlines of the larynx, lungs, heart and...

Key features of the EZ sectional X-Ray Phantoms Real bones embedded in clear material Produce no image artifacts Fully compatible with all devices All body sections are available as transparent or opaque version Evaluation of performance of...

Accurately Calibrate your CT for Treatment Planning Meets medical standards for human tissue mimicking materials - ICRU-44 and ICRP Expanded phantom size for wide beam systems Supports complete IVDT automation with patent-pending rod marker technology Modular and...

The Multi-Energy CT Phantom is used to evaluate and QC Dual-Energy/Multi-Energy/Spectral CT functionality. Uses include testing material separation and quantification, evaluating mono-energetic images, setting effective protocols, and QC of values across scanners and over...

The aluminum stepwedge is the standard tool for evaluating the dynamic range (latitude) of a digital or film-screen imaging system. This wedge provides 11 steps in 3.2mm increments. This product includes a 5-year warranty.

Stepwedge/Mammo Aluminium 9 Steps, (118) This product includes a 5-year warranty.

Ensure accurate screening, diagnosis and monitoring. Patented HE (High Equivalency) Gel™ helps guarantee your transducers and system settings are fully tested across the entire frequency range form 2 to 18 Mhz. The Sono403 phantom is proven to exceed ACR, ECR, AIUM and...

Precision pulsatile flow mode reliably tests ultrasound system velocities. Go from storage to use in under 10 seconds. Ideal for cardiology, musculoskeletal (MSK) and breast QC applications. Lightweight at less than 10 lbs. (4.6 kg). Rugged, self-contained and...

Precision pulsatile flow mode reliably tests ultrasound system velocities. Go from storage to use in under 10 seconds. Optimised to simulate large patients. Portable, rugged, self-contained and battery-operated. Collaboratively designed to better serve your needs- from...

Advanced CT Performance Assessment Now it's easy to characterise advanced CT features that fall outside of your routine QA program. Like Automatic Exposure Control. And Iterative Reconstruction. Plus, you can revamp your traditional tests with new metrics that enable...

Comprehensive Quality Control for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Systems The Mammo 3D Performance Kit fulfills the tools needed for IEC 61223-3-6 (ED1) tests, and is a component of the Mammo 3D Quality Control Package — a complete solution for all your Tomosynthesis...

The Kyoto Kagaku Bone Fracture Pediatric Phantom. Children around the world are victims to domestic violence and abuse, yet the problem is often overlooked. Noticing the signs of an abusive fracture of a child is the first step to putting an end to these...

A unique, life size whole body phantom for CT provides a variety of educational application as well as visual evaluation in finding out optimal scanning conditions. The phantom can also be used for plain X-ray, showing life-like images. No metal parts or liquid structure are...

The New Kyoto Kagaku Pediatric Whole Body Phantom modeled after a 4-year-old child of 42"(105cm) tall. This phantom is a life-size, full body anthropomorphic phantom with a state-of-the-art synthetic skeleton, lungs, liver, mediastinum and kidneys embedded in...

The Whole Body Phantom PBU-50 is a life-size, full body anthropomorphic phantom with a state-of-the-art synthetic skeleton, lungs, liver, mediastinum and kidneys embedded in KYOTO KAGAKU original soft tissue substitute. Movable joints allow basic positioning for plain X-ray and...

The Kyoto Kagaku Tough Whole Body Phantom. New phantom material is designed for rough handling, improved durability and less maintenance. PBU-90 is a high durability type, allowing training scenarios that involve rough handling. Meanwhile, details of...

Thoroughly test 2D Mammography and 3D Tomosynthesis system performance. Evaluate image quality and quantify targets in reconstructed planar images. Routine and Daily QC. Flexible design ensures efficiency. Includes Rounded Edge, 2D and 3D Accuracy, MTF/LSF, CNR/Volume...

Become proficient and confidant in mammography needle insertion. Includes multiple radiopaque lesions and skin-like resistance. Easily compressible in a biopsy instrument. Solid gel lesions for core biopsies and liquid dye lesions for fine needle aspiration. Sharpen Your...

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