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Invivo’s DynaTRIM is a first of its kind fully MRI-compatible interventional device for Trans-Rectal Interventional MRI (TRIM) of the prostate gland. It’s a removable device that is designed to sit atop an MR imaging table and features an open design that allows for flexibility in choice of imaging coils.

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Welcome to a new and better way for you

and your patient

DynaTRIM is a first-of-its-kind, fully MRI-compatible interventional device for Trans-Rectal Interventional MRI (TRIM) of the prostate gland. It is a removable device that is designed to affix to an MR imaging table with an open design that allows for flexibility in coil choices and a cleanable foam pad for extra patient comfort.

The DynaTRIM is comprised of three elegantly simple components: a Baseplate for adapting the device to the MRI gantry, a Clampstand which connects to the baseplate and offers multiple precise adjustments for location targeting, lastly is the needle sleeve which is a sterile single use component which affixes to the Clampstand and guides a biopsy needle to the targeted site


  • Minimally invasive
  • Integrated with DynaLOC interventional planning software
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Reusable with sterile disposables for each procedure/patient
  • Proven clinical results
  • Designed for Invivo needle sleeves and fully automatic biopsy guns

We have you covered

From every angle

DynaTRIM combined with DynaCAD Prostate planning software allows for fast, simple, and reproducible targeting of the prostate gland.

To begin, the suspicious area is identified from a previous multiparametric diagnostic MRI study and additional anatomic landmarks are noted. After planning is complete, the patient can be brought in for the biopsy procedure. The patient lies prone on the coil of your choice. Following the digital rectal exam, the needle sleeve is inserted into the rectum and attached to the clamp stand. MR images of the pelvic area are acquired in the sagittal plane, allowing visualization of the pelvis with the needle sleeve in place. Images in the axial plane are acquired to help identify the suspicious area.

Once the target has been chosen, the software will ‘lock’ the position and the coordinates are applied to the device. A pre-biopsy verification scan will show the needle sleeve targeted for the suspicious area, giving additional confidence for the biopsy. The unique needle sleeve functions both as a guide for the needle and as fiducial marker for the software. The biopsy needle can safely be inserted into the sleeve. Once positioned the biopsy cores are acquired.

Invivo is Leading the Way

in Prostate Care

DynaTRIM from Invivo works in Conjunction with DynaCAD Prostate. DynaTRIM can be used on most vendor’s MRI systems and is fully MRI-compatible up to 3T.

Invivo’s innovative products are matched by our commitment to provide the best technical and customer support in the industry. Comprehensive, tiered technical support coverage plus on-site and remote applications training keeps your practice informed and implementing current standards.

DynaCAD Prostate’s powerful, flexible interface alongside DynaTRIM can become an important part of any busy practice committed to outstanding prostate imaging and intervention.

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