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DynaCAD Prostate

Enhance Confidence and Productivity

DynaCAD for Prostate empowers radiologists with a comprehensive set of advanced visualization tools for real-time analysis, review, and reporting of studies. Images can be transferred directly from the MRI to DynaCAD for automatic processing and customized display. Upon case completion key images, statistical data, and prostate PIRADS reports can be automatically transferred to PACS for archiving.

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Enhance confidence

and productivity

DynaCAD prostate provides a powerful, easy-to-navigate, multi-vendor MR image analysis system for quick processing and management of large volumes of data. Users have the ability to open cases in ready-to-read, custom hanging protocols with all images synchronized for easy, multi-parametric review.

Let DynaCAD further enhance your multi-parametric approach by calculating color overlay maps based on perfusion characteristics ADC and diffusion values. Incredibly user-friendly, DynaCAD can process and create ADC and interpolated high b-value image series for your review with a simple menu selection.

DynaCAD Also Features:

  • Image registration for correction of patient motion artifacts
  • Single-click volume analysis, lesion statistics and histograms
  • Color overlay based on diffusion ADC values
  • Auto-search for suspicious regions of interest (ROIs)
  • Inter-sequence registration
  • Sub-ROI targeting
  • Reverse fusion display of UroNav biopsy cores
  • Calculated b-value image creation



Patient reports can be setup to automatically capture pre-selected image sequences or curves, measurements and annotations. Lesions are assessed using the 2nd edition of PIRADS scoring and incorporated into standardized reports. Upon completion, users have the option to print patient reports, save as a PDF, or send as DICOM images.

DynaCAD sets the stage for targeted interventional procedures by allowing users to mark suspect areas for biopsy. With DynaCAD’s Sub-ROI feature, users can mark a specific location within a finding for biopsy and assign an overall level of suspension – allowing Radiology to communicate with Urology like never before.

Invivo is Leading the Way

in Prostate Care

Providing a multifaceted approach to Prostate care, Invivo offers DynaCAD for Prostate advanced visualization and analysis, UroNav for MR/ultrasound fusion biopsies, DynaTRIM (Trans-Rectal Interventional MRI) Hardware, DynaLOC for targeted interventional planning along with Invivo’s selection of interventional instruments to give you all the tools you need for a complete solution.

DynaTRIM from Invivo works in conjunction with DynaLOC Prostate to provide a targeted approach to MRI guided prostate biopsy. DynaTRIM can be used in most vendor’s MRI systems up to 3T. DynaCAD Prostate’s powerful, flexible interface alongside DynaTRIM can become an important part of any busy practice interested in prostate imaging and intervention.

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