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RF MRI Modular Aluminium and Copper Cages

At Imaging Solutions, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and for the absolute best in the industry we use high grade aluminium materials to construct our unique modular cages. This provides the cages with inherent strength, flexibility and longevity.

Sections of our RF cage structure, with exception of the floor, can be easily dismantled and reinstalled without compromising the integrity of the cage. Future upgrades, such as magnet replacements, can be facilitated with comparative ease as a result of the product’s modular design.

High strength, low weight aluminium extrusions and sheets make our RF cages ideally suited to minimise the loading weight of the room while the structure remains rigid, robust and completely self-supporting. The mechanical pressure fit joints confirm the cage exceeds the minimum required attenuation levels of all leading equipment manufacturers. The RF attenuation performance integrity is key to ensuring optimum diagnostic image quality. The construction process allows for easy introduction of additional wave guides as well as alterations when the equipment is upgraded.

Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

An Imaging Solutions MRI RF cage is constructed from high-grade aluminium. The specialist design of the individual components which makes up the shielding structure provides a unique modular aluminium system.

The self-supporting aluminium structure is designed, manufactured and installed under strict quality control measures. Each cage is manufactured and custom designed to suit the host room, local site conditions and requirements. The rigid modular construction of Imaging Solutions RF cages means they can be easily adapted to overcome any unexpected modifications size and specification on site. Installation and retrofitting at the time of commissioning or retrofitting of additional electrical filters or wave guides and ancillary components is simple and does not affect the compliance and integrity of the RF attenuation offered by the cage.

The finished product easily surpasses the attenuation levels specified by all major equipment manufacturers. Our designs are regularly revised and updated as new products and are introduced into the market place.

The standard thickness of the walls and ceilings is approximately 50mm, excluding any internal finishes. Floor thickness, including the final floor covering and 2mm base insulation membrane, is approximately 30mm.

Our cage is produced from a series of single and multiple extruded certified, high-grade aluminium tube sections interlocked together to form a rigid frame which stands on an insulated membrane. The interlaced floor panels are laid with a self-levelling adhesive compound to infill gaps between floor and frame, therefore providing a firm mounting platform for the magnet.

Additional supporting pads for the magnet can be introduced if required by the equipment vendor. It can also be strengthened to meet the load bearing requirements of any size magnet and can incorporate in-floor cable ducts if specified.

The internal surface of the self-supporting frame is then lined with 1.6mm certified, high-grade aluminium sheet, the edges of which are buffed, cleaned and treated with an electrical conductive paste and face fixed with an extruded aluminium cover strip via 304 grade stainless-steel 10 gauge screws at 70mm spacings.

This unique system gives a double overlap of the material at each panel joint for the maximum level of performance, attenuation integrity and electrical conductivity. This construction process eliminates any problems of structural stressing and flexing through building movement or varying coefficients of expansion. It also eliminates the inherent weakness of timber framework, thinner shielding materials and the problems associated with other forms of clamping mechanisms.

Future Proofing

With rapidly changing demographics and the fast pace of technology development, a modular cage makes sense.

When you select a Imaging Solutions modular RF cage you are not only investing in a high strength self supporting structure manufactured of durable high grade certified 1.6 mm thickness aluminum sheet and extrusion. Our design embraces advanced inbuilt design features which future proof your investment. The modular design of the Imaging Solutions’ product allows optimum flexibility in terms of allowing future change outs as MRI technology advances.

The unique modular design of the product allows wall or ceiling panels to be easily removed to facilitate the removal of end of life magnets and their replacement with a minimum of fuss and most importantly comparatively minor cost. In as little time as a few days a change out can occur and the RF cage will be restored with its full integrity intact. In comparison other RF cage designs and construction methodologies mean the RF cages integrity and substantial elements of their structure are permanently damaged in the change over process.

Its important also to consider the miss match which inevitably occurs with traditional RF cages constructed of comparatively thin copper sheet, adhesive strips and staples is disturbed with replacement of new patches and joints can result in inconsistent continuity and longevity or service life. With The Imaging Solutions option the joints are mechanical air pressure fit seals along all joints and screw tightened for long term reliability.

A Revolutionary Copper Design

Imaging Solutions is proud to introduce our newest RF shielding solution, copper cages. Our copper cages are manufactured to the highest standard using high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. The structure is uniquely modular and can be dismantled and reinstalled without compromising the integrity of the cage. Panels are bolted together and can be removed for magnet entry.

Timber frames are copper wrapped and bolted together in sections, along with the soldered floating floor. Our copper cages also come with Himmel insulated sound-proof panels.

We prides ourselves on our ability to cater to every possible situation, whether it is modifying an existing copper cage or building for an entirely new site, Imaging Solutions has you covered.

RF MRI Modular Aluminium and Copper Cages

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