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Phantom Body Plates

Kyoto Kagaku

Body plates to simulate a patient of BMI 32 / BMI 40

Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

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For study of effect of patient size on radiation dose and image quality., Optional Parts for PH-2/ 2B/ 2E/ 60

Set includes

1 body plate(front), 1 body plate(back) 2 belts

Size (approx.)

W41 x D45 x H28cm, W16.1 x D17.7 x H11 inch

Packing size (approx.)

W77 x D48 x H40cm, W30 x D19 x H11.8inch

Packing weight (approx.)

41350-200-16(BMI 32): 21 kg, 46.3 lb 41350-200-17(BMI 40): 34.5 kg, 76 lb


Soft tissue: urethane based resin (specific gravity: 1.06)

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Realizing Education That Inspires Through Manufacturing

Founded in 1891, Kyoto is the world’s only manufacturer of anatomical models, simulators, and imaging phantoms. Made in Kyoto, Japan and trusted in over 60 countries around the world. Passing on cultural heritage through technologies for restoring and replicating cultural assets.

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Phantom Body Plates

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