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Pediatric Chest Phantom

Kyoto Kagaku

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Imaging and dosimetry for radiosensitive 5-year-old.

Chest X-ray is one of the most common examinations in pediatric radiography. Advanced skills are needed to obtain high quality images with minimum exposure. This Pediatric Chest Phantom is designed to find out optimal parameter and protocols to minimize radiation exposure to children. The phantom has two kinds of interchangeable lung inserts. The lung vascular insert can be used to study image quality in relation to CT / X-ray protocols images quality. The lung density insert allows users to evaluate dosage distribution in the lung field.

  • Two types of interchangeable lung inserts are available - lung vascular insert and lung density insert.
  • Pencil-shaped ion chamber for CTDI can be set in the mediastinum
  • TLD or RPL dosimeters can be set in the thyroid block.
  • Lung vascular inserts with pulmonary vessels provide life-like radiographs.
  • Detachable internal structure allows insertion of variety of pathological view.
  • Simulates a life-size chest of 5-year-old.

Training skills

  • Pediatric chest X-ray
  • Pediatric chest CT
  • Dosimetry


  • rib
  • clavicle
  • spine
  • mediastinum
  • scapula
  • sternum
  • pulmonary vessel(lung vascular insert only)

Set Includes:

  • 1 five-year-old chest torso
  • main body: Synthetic bones are embedded thyroid block
  • diaphragm block
  • 1 lung vasculature insert: mediastinum with pulmonary vessels
  • 1 lung density insert: mediastinum, lung fields (L/R)
  • 1 set of sample images
  • 1 instruction manual


  • phantom size:approx. W32xD17xH38cm / W12.6xD6.7xH15 inch
  • weight:approx.6kg / 13 lb.

*Specifications are subject to change.

Realizing Education That Inspires Through Manufacturing

Founded in 1891, Kyoto is the world’s only manufacturer of anatomical models, simulators, and imaging phantoms. Made in Kyoto, Japan and trusted in over 60 countries around the world. Passing on cultural heritage through technologies for restoring and replicating cultural assets.

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Pediatric Chest Phantom

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