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Multi Slice CT Phantom MHT

Kyoto Kagaku

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The phantom can be used for features of CT evaluation, such as high and low contrast resolutions, feed direction and CTDI.


  • Non-aqueous, easy set-up enables liquid-free evaluation session
  • Designed to allow evaluation in volume scanning

Evaluation Parameters

  • CTDI
  • Contrast resolution sensitivity profile
  • Contrast-to-Noise Ratio (CNR) evaluation
  • Evaluation of effective slice thickness, SSPz evaluation

Set Includes

  • 1 cylindrical container (fixing screw)
  • 1 slice thickness unit (axial)
  • 1 spatial resolution unit
  • 1 repeated pattern unit
  • 1 low constrast resolution unit
  • 2 slice thickness unit (helical)
  • 1 fixture for the slice thickness unit
  • 1 fixture for the cylindrical container
  • 1 phillips screwdriver
  • vaseline
  • 1 spare screw
  • manual
Multi Slice CT Phantom MHT

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