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MRI Simulator™

Psychology Software Tools

Simulate the MRI environment.

Availability of an MRI Simulator is more important than ever for today’s researchers, professors, radiologists, nurses, technicians, and child life specialists. Failed scans and unusable data caused by claustrophobia, anxiety, and excessive head and body motion cost significant time and resources where scan time is often expensive and limited. Acclimating people to the environment with an MRI Simulator is shown to improve data and cut wasted spending and time.

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With the MRI Simulator; training, patient acclimation, and pilot testing can quickly be done without the need for scanner access time.

The MRI Simulator provides a realistic approximation of an actual MRI scanner to allow acclimation and training of participants (and faculty/staff) in a controlled environment for a fraction of the cost of MRI access. The MRI Simulator introduces the participant to an authentic scanning environment, permitting them to gradually become accustomed to the scanning procedure.

The PST MRI Simulator is currently used in hundreds of academic institutions, hospitals, technical schools, and training facilities all over the world. Faculty and staff training, patient comfort and acclimation, fMRI research and task pilot testing. MRI Simulation is especially effective for child and special population MRI studies.

Combined with the use of the Mock MRI Head Coils, MoTrak® System, SimFx™ Software, and other components detailed in the Components tab, the MRI Simulator will increase the efficiency of your research and improve the quality of your data and scans.

“In my research with 7 to 10 year old children I have found that use of a simulator before the actual scan has been critical to the success of most runs. The simulator provides a chance for children (as well as adults) to practice the activation task in a compellingly realistic scan environment. It allows them to ask questions and most importantly provides an opportunity to train children to hold still. I find that it’s a great advantage to be able to use the simulator to present the exact task conditions that the child will encounter in the actual fMRI run.”

Bruce McCandliss, PhD

The Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology

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MRI Simulator™

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