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MRI Advanced Cooling Systems

Imaging Solutions has partnered with Aqua Cooler to bring you the absolute best in MRI room cooling. Aqua Cooler has been a manufacturer of industrial chillers for over 50 years. Together with Imaging Solutions, Aqua Cooler will be driving the MRI chiller industry forward with innovation and energy and giving you access to world-class products and support.

Every solution is tailored to your requirements for: redundancy, noise, foot print, and budget. Don’t accept an off-the-shelf design and don’t settle for anything less than the best.

  • Improved equipment and operational up time
  • Early notification of performance issues via SMS and remote monitoring
  • Reduced operation noise
  • Reduced repair costs in the event of a failure and shorter repair times
  • Improved power savings through unique chiller staging design
  • Risk management plan built into design
  • Improved environmental control within the MRI scanning room via variable air volume control
  • Complete redundancy allowing operation to continue during chiller repair
Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.

Increased Up Time

Cooling systems contain numerous mechanical components. No matter how reliable a system is, there is always the chance of failure. The most common cause of a fault is usually an environmental factor such as a power surge. A loss in cooling capacity can result in a significant financial burden.

  • Excess helium lost needs to be replaced
  • Referred patients may be rebooked elsewhere
  • Technical staff are unable to work during down time

Aqua Cooler can provide a redundant system with redundant and separate compressors, a fault in a single compressor will not effect operational status of your scanner. More importantly, compressor repair can occur without interruption of service due to multiple compressors located in separate locations and repair is often quicker and cheaper.

Stable Scan Room Temperature and Humidity Control

A variable air volume control system can monitor the temperature of the return air flow and adjusts the supply air flow to accurately maintain desired temperature within the scan room. This provides the patient with a stable, comfortable temperature during their procedures.

It is vital to keep the humidity of a scan room to the MRI equipment vendor’s specifications. Any deviation from these specifications can cause damage to the precision instruments on the scanner, and replacing these parts can be expensive. A standard consumer-grade air conditioning unit is not an acceptable solution for cooling your scan room. Aqua Cooler’ CRAC units control the humidity to ensure compliance with manufacturers’ specifications.

MRI Advanced Cooling Systems

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