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Kidney – Kidney Stone Model

Imaging Solutions

This model is designed to inform patients about urinary stones (urolithiasis) and kidney stones (nephrolithiasis). A right kidney in natural size is opened to show the internal structures. The renal pelvis, the renal calices and the ureter are opened to show concretions and stones in the typical locations. Mounted on base. With Key Card. Female bladder This model of a female bladder in about life size shows all anatomical structures as cross section. Bladder, urethra and sphincter are clearly visible. Perfect as patient education tool for pelvic floor training. Ref.no. K245 Kidney Section with Renal Nephron and Renal Corpuscle This 3 models consists of a frontal section of the kidney, enlarged 3 times, illustrates adrenal gland, cortex, medulla, pyramids with papillae, renal pelvis and blood vesselsas well as a nephron enlarged 120 times, shows renal tubules, a collecting tube system and Henle‘s loop and as third model a Malpighian corpuscle with the Bowman‘s capsule, 700 times life size. Ref.no. K111 KIDNEY 2 part 2 times life size 2-times life size Diseases of bladder and prostate This life-size model is sectioned along the frontal plane and shows, five different pathologies of the male urinary bladder in the typical location: cystitis, bladder stones, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), diverticulum, as well as bladder tumour at three different stages. Mounted on stand. Ref.no. K243 Urinary System This life size 5-part model represents the major components of the urinary system, plus the vena cava and abdominal aorta; the right kidney is dissected to show the cortex, medulla, pyramids, calyces, pelvis and origins of the renal artery and vein. The bladder can be opened to reveal the mucosa, trigone, urethra, seminal vesicles, ejaculatory ducts and vas deferens. Mounted on base. 5 parts Prostate Model This model shows very impressive the changes of the prostate caused by BPH. One side of the model shows a healthy prostate with bladder and the other half has a diseased prostate with narrowing of the urethra and residual urine. On removable stand. 2 part.

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Kidney - Kidney Stone Model

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