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Head Phantom with Cervical Spine

Radiology Support Devices Inc.

Specially Designed Teaching & Training Aid for Radiological Technologists

Available in opaque or transparent, with or without cervical spine, RSD’s Head Phantom allows for tremendous flexibility with teaching and training. With the anatomy and radio fidelity of RSD’s Take-Apart Pixy, our Head Phantom represents an average male 5 ft. 9 in. tall (175 cm), with a weight of 162 lbs (74 kg). It is rugged, easily transported, and shatter-proof.

RSD’s Body Sections do not replace simple geometric phantoms that are used to evaluate individual characteristics of an imaging system. Instead, they provide comprehensive evaluation of the imaging system and imaging techniques under realistic conditions.

Note: Pricing for this product is only available by quotation.


  • Teaching & training
  • Image quality
  • Panographic Imaging
  • Dosimetry verification
  • Protocol verification


  • CT
  • X-Ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Dental X-Ray
  • CBCT


  • Skull and spine composed of Cortical (TS-1003) and trabecular bone (TS-1002) equivalent materials
  • Brain material composed of RSD ART soft tissue material (TS-1001-T)
  • Spinal cord material made of ART soft tissue material with density of 1.1 g/cc
  • Oral, trachea, and sinus cavities filled with Styrofoam

Model Numbers

  • RS-108             Opaque with Cervical Spine
  • RS-108T           Transparent with Cervical Spine
  • RS-109             Opaque
  • RS-109T           Transparent

Please contact Imaging Solutions for custom pathologies and traumas.

Founded by Samuel W. Alderson, the inventor of the crash test dummy and anthropomorphic test devices, RSD continues to be the industry leader with customizable, educational, and QC solutions for the global medical diagnostic and radiation therapy community.

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Head Phantom with Cervical Spine

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