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Ferroguard Screener System

Detecting risk items that other systems miss.

Fast, effective, Zone II screening to prevent incidents from the smallest, hidden items.

Note: MRI Unsafe This product is MRI Unsafe.Click here for more information on ASTM ratings.
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Your Sixth Sense in MRI Safety

Do you often seek greater confidence, even after the completion of your MRI safety form? Ferroguard Screener is the highest sensitivity patient screener available, with unique on-demand “press to screen” functionality. Located in the MRI controlled pre-screening area, the Ferroguard Screener reliably detects even the smallest ferromagnetic objects on patients and staff members.

Reliability in ferromagnetic detection

  • The highest sensitivity system available, detects even the smallest ferromagnetic objects.
  • Protects imaging quality and patient throughput by the avoidance of artifacts.

Lowest impact on your department workflow

  • Ferroguard Screener enables you to screen your patients without impacting workflow and existing team practices.
  • Ferroguard Screener becomes a simple step in your MRI safety routine.

Fast and simple to use

  • Screener’s precise and instant whole-body approach assures the most reliable detection and will save you time compared with hand-held-detector routines.
  • Ferroguard Screener enables informed decision making where communication with your patient is challenging.

Affordable by every facility

  • Ferroguard Screener is designed with today’s budget realities in mind, but without compromising on quality. No need to delay gaining the confidence ferromagnetic protection will provide. Put your mind at rest now.

Confidence in every scan

  • Ferroguard Screener provides complete objectivity to your screening process. Strengthening your existing subjective processes will take pressure off your staff.

Reassurance for all your patients

  • Ferroguard Screener demonstrates to your patients just how serious you are about their safety and MRI image quality.
Ferroguard Screener System

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