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DynaCAD Prostate

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Advanced visualization for prostate MRI analysis

DynaCAD is a multi-vendor prostate MR image analysis system that boosts analytic capabilities and workflow, processing and displaying 3D images in ready-to-read, custom hanging protocols. Images can be transferred directly from the MRI to DynaCAD for automatic processing. Upon case completion, key images, statistical data, and prostate PI-RADS® reports can be automatically transferred to PACS for archiving.

Enriched, multi-parametric exam reviews

Ready-to-read, customizable hanging protocols make for efficient multi-parametric reviews. Images and post-processed data can be displayed as needed with DynaCAD’s multiparametric layouts and synchronized data processing.

Adjustable 3D segmentations for optimally guided biopsies

User generated ROIs can be displayed on a 3D model of the prostate as well as multiple image sequences from the study.

Enhanced targeting of ROIs

Motion Correction helps reduce unwanted image artifacts, boosting time efficiency and confidence as studies are interpreted. The system can display corrected images by default, or users can toggle them on and off.

Interactive worksheets summarize study findings

PI-RADS® v2 interactive worksheets collate and classify data related to exam findings. Users can mark the finding locations within regional diagrams and utilize the PI-RADS® v2 lexicon to record their characteristics and grade severity.

Exceptionally data-rich patient reports

DynaCAD’s customizable patient report templates are auto-populated with lesion diameter measures, lesion to landmark distances, volumetric data, and PI-RADS® scoring. Users have the option to automatically capture selected image sequences, kinetic curves, measurements and annotations. When reports are completed, they can be printed, saved as a PDF or shared as DICOM images.

Overlays of previous biopsy targets provide valuable feedback

DynaCAD’s reverse fusion feature maps and displays earlier fusion guided biopsy locations. Users can view previous targets and cores produced by UroNav, allowing them to track accuracy.

DynaCAD Prostate

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