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CT-AEC Phantoms

Kyoto Kagaku

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Four types of phantoms designed to evaluate CT-AEC performance.


  • Image quality can be evaluated by noise and S.D. on the phantom section images
  • Cone Phantom: evaluates performance of AEC for different patient sizes and gradual size changes in size along the axis
  • Elliptical Cone Phantom: in combination with the Cone phantom facilitates evaluation of XY AEC
  • Stepped Phantom: evaluates the performance of the AEC to sudden changes in patients' cross section
  • Variable-XY Phantom: evaluates performance of XY AEC as cross section changes from circular to elliptical


  • CT-AEC


  • 41339-010 Cone (Apollo Phantom)
  • 41339-020 Elliptical Cone Phantom
  • 41339-030 Stepped Cylinder Phantom
  • 41339-040 Variable XY Phantom

*each phantom can be ordered individually

phantom size: dia 20cm / dia 7.9 inch

*Specifications are subject to change.

CT-AEC Phantoms

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