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CT ACR 464 Phantom


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Multi-Modality CT Accreditation

Meet ACR accreditation guidelines for CT image quality and performance evaluation with the CT ACR 464 Phantom.

Comprehensive CT Testing
Testing options with the CT ACR 464 Phantom include positioning and alignment accuracy, CT number accuracy, slice thickness, low contrast detectability, image resolution and uniformity, spatial resolution, and inter- and intra-plane distance measurement accuracy.

Proven & Versatile Design
The CT ACR 464 Phantom is made of the proven Original Solid Water® Zero HU formulation, with modules that support a variety of tests, and the capability to extend and work with other phantoms.

Four included modules support testing for:

  • Positioning and alignment, CT number accuracy and slice thickness
  • Low contrast resolution
  • CT number uniformity assessment
  • High contrast (spatial) resolution
  • Optional lightweight cloth case
CT ACR 464 Phantom

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