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ChromaVista Paper

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Codonics' introduced the world’s first DICOM color imager and has been pioneering multi-media imagers for over a decade. We are the industry leader in color imagers with over 25,000 installations worldwide.

Our Horizon Multi-media Imager features stunning edge-to-edge color printing, maximizing imaging size and reducing waste. Codonics exclusive Medical Color Matching (MCM™) is an advanced image processing feature that adjusts printed output colors to accurately match soft-copy monitors. This process corrects differences in hue, saturation, and intensity between the printer and soft-copy review stations. User's can easily determine the best match for their screen using the automatic MCM bracketing feature which is built into every Codonics imager.


  • Codonics exclusive Medical Color Matching (MCM™) ensures prints match soft-copy monitors
  • Ideal for referring physicians and patient take-homes
  • Specifically designed for medical applications, Codonics color paper is FDA approved and fully archivable
  • Image quality is far superior to office printers featuring 16.7 million colors
  • The only color output in the industry that truly rivals conventional color photographic film
ChromaVista Paper

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