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Month: August 2020

The Unavoidable Stress of Prostate Cancer Treatment

by Jonathan McCullough

Stress and anxiety are unavoidable for cancer patients. From diagnosis to treatment to survivorship, patients may experience varying levels of stress. In fact, studies show that up to 49% of patients attending radiation therapy could experience anxiety.  Many experience what is called anticipatory anxiety – anticipating a negative event or outcome, during the early stages of […]

How Much Does Motion Artifact Cost in Advanced Imaging Exams?

by Jonathan McCullough

Artifact is a hurdle imaging departments avoid if possible and for good reason. Artifact could compromise a study, make an accurate diagnosis difficult to obtain, or create the appearance of a false positive.  In a retrospective study, radiologists reviewed 192 clinical MRI examinations performed in a single week at their facility to better understand the […]

Back to the Workplace Can Mean Increased Anxiety for Some

by Megan Sargalski

Another “new normal” is starting to set in with people across the country heading back in to work after months in quarantine due to COVID-19. There are new rules in effect depending on your place of employment that may include wearing a mask, following arrows to move about your office, and sitting at opposite ends […]

How Interruptions and Non-standardized Documentation Can Affect Reading Accuracy in Breast Imaging

by Kathy Kaschuluk

Not all cancers present as obvious findings. Detecting lesions and groups of micro-calcifications requires concentration and dedicated focus.  According to Diagnostic Imaging, interruptions such as phone calls or clarifying questions from other physicians, imaging technologists, and patients during image review are distracting and can affect diagnostic accuracy.  Dr. Amanda Squires is passionate about her role […]