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Important facts to consider when investing in a zero-footprint diagnostic enterprise image viewing platform

by Luke Molnar

Investing in a single image viewing platform for both diagnostic and enterprise users is a critical decision which affects physician satisfaction and patient care. This decision can be complex and has many factors to consider. A few important facts to understand about diagnostic enterprise viewing solutions are the speed, reliability, clinical features & functionality, and the ability to seamlessly integrate. Below is a list of some of the most important items to think about when developing and implementing your zero-footprint, enterprise wide, diagnostic imaging strategy.

Top 10 checklist for your zero-footprint diagnostic enterprise imaging strategy

1. Free of specialized hardware

Look for an image viewing platform that does not require specialized hardware, such as GPUs. This will reduce immediate upfront costs, long-term maintenance costs and remove failures.

2. Unparalleled scalability

As your enterprise grows and changes, you want an image viewing platform that is flexible enough to grow and change with your needs. Look for a viewing technology that has the ability to adapt to your organization and scale as required.

3. Effectively handles network latency

Speed is very important when accessing images, and network latency is often a hindrance. Look for an image viewing platform that will minimize the effects of network latency in its architecture and optimizes user’s experiences.

4. Robust underlying architecture

Look for an image viewing platform that is based on one development base for enterprise & diagnostic users, and all technologies (HTML5, flash). This ensures the same user experience for all users and allows the image viewing solution to quickly adapt to new technologies.

5. Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems

Look for an image viewing platform with the ability to integrate and federate across your disparate systems, providing your organization with more flexibility on your deployment & downtime strategies. It also ensures the user has access to the most recent study available from all systems in an aggregated view.

6. Diagnostic quality images, all of the time

An image viewer that is diagnostic even during image manipulation, like scroll, zoom, and pan, will provide users with the performance of a PACS workstation. This functionality is a rare feature, but has positive clinical and regulatory benefits.

7. Regulatory requirements & patient privacy

Ensure the solution has the appropriate regulatory classification for your location and your intended use. In the US, the image viewing platform should be FDA Class II certified. Also verify the viewing platform does not store any patient information, on any device.

8. Business continuity & disaster recovery

Redundancy and failover are critical to ensuring business continuity. Ensure the image viewing platform you consider meets these requirements in a cost effective manner, is simple to maintain, quick to deploy, and available 24/7/365.

9. Real-time collaboration

The image viewing platform should provide real-time collaboration of diagnostic quality images, which will enable a productive collaboration session. Most solutions do not provide diagnostic quality images during collaboration, look for one that does.

10. Rich toolset for enterprise & diagnostic users

Ensure the image viewing platform supports a wide array of features and image types, such as hanging protocols, MIP/MPR and 3D, multiple monitors, saving & displaying GSPS objects, smart measurement tools, breast tomosynthesis, ECG waveforms, and US echocardiograms.


eUnity™ is a server-based software solution that displays medical images and reports from a site’s existing image archives (radiology, cardiology & other PACS and VNA systems). With eUnity™, healthcare professionals have a single, universal viewer & now healthcare professionals can access, manipulate and collaborate in real-time over full quality medical images using nothing more than a commonly configured web-browser.

Are you looking to realize a zero-footprint diagnostic enterprise viewing strategy that maximizes IT efficiency, lowers IT costs and improves your quality of care? Talk to us about the power of eUnity™.